What are the Rewards?


Candidates who enter and write the English Olympiad are eligible for a certificate indicating their exam evaluation (Participation (49% or less), Merit (50-59%), Bronze (60-69%), Silver (70-79%) or Gold (80%+). Those candidates who did not complete the paper or whose answers are clearly insufficient, will not receive a certificate (Unclassified).

Top 3

The 2016 Top 3 candidates will receive substantial cash prizes of R27 000 (3rd place); R29 500 (2nd place); R32 000 (1st place) broadening their opportunities for possible further study or travel.

Top 15

During June 2016, the names of the Top 15 achievers will be announced. The Top 15 candidates are invited to attend the National Schools Festival in Grahamstown during July, free of charge

The English Olympiad Prize Giving is held during the National Schools Festival, and the rank order of the Top 20 is announced. The rank order of the Top 100 is announced in a media release soon after the Prize Giving. Learners who are ranked between 4th and 20th positions will receive cash prizes, and/or books or book vouchers.

Top 50

In 2016, the Top 50 candidates are offered free tuition scholarships for their first year of any course of study at Rhodes University, upon successful completion of their Matriculation examination, subject to their meeting the University’s entry requirements.